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Trenchless Repair Pipe Lining

Pipes can fail for numerous reasons. The main reasons are root intrusion or rust and corrosion. These issues lead to pipe breaks that get worse over time.

The patented Perma-Lateral trenchless pipe repair system is truly a Zero-Dig process that allows the certified installer to perform the repair without costly excavation or damage to your property. As you can see from the illustrations, the existing host pipe can be fully rehabilitated from the inside out leaving a jointless, seamless new pipe within the old host pipe.

Perma Liner is industry known for being one of the top liner companies in the nation. Our certified installers will come out and first video inspect your line, jet and clear the line of any intrusions so the liner has a nice clean surface to bond to, than install the liner. The installation process will need to not have any water being used during the process or it could affect the curing process. We will give plenty of notice of when this all will take place to ensure you get the best product at the end.

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