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Sewer Explained

Your sewer line is connected to your house and runs into the street and to the sewer treatment plant. As a property owner you are responsible for the sewer line from your house to the property line, depending on where you live, some areas you own to the sewer main. That includes under the sidewalk and main road in some cases, when we give you a quote we can let you know where your responsibility ends.

There are a couple of main reasons of why your sewer line could backup, you can see the image below.

Root Infiltration: Most sewer systems were installed between the 1950s to 1980s with clay or concrete pipe, this pipe has many joints where roots can enter over time.

Foreign object: flushing things down the drain that shouldn't go down the drain such as oils, grease, personal hygiene products, flushable wipes (there are no flushable wipes), anything but sewage.

Misaligned/Offset: This can happen when the ground settles over time and/or if heavy vehicles drive over the line.

Belly: These can happen from the the ground settling and/or heavy vehicles driving over the line. Sewer lines can have these bellies and still operate properly, having a belly does not mean you need a new system but is something to keep and eye on!

Collapse: Can happen from ground settlement, heavy vehicles driving over the line and/or pipe weakening with age overtime.

Nobody is ready for a sewage backup, but CTC Contractors LLC is always ready to tackle the issue!

Septic Explained

Your septic system takes all the wastewater from your home and puts it into the septic tank where the solids will settle be be cleaned later (this should be done every 3-5 years), the rest of the water will go to the distribution box that will distribute the water to the drain field where it settles into the ground and is naturally filtered in the ground.

Septic systems have been around since the 1920s and if they are not properly maintained they can fail over time. In King County if your property is within 250' of sewer they will not issue a septic repair permit, and will require you to connect to the public sewer system.

CTC Contractors LLC is here to assist with this issue, and will take care of all of the paper work and connect you to public sewer.

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